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Forex Trading Glossary
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ABC Consumer Comfort Index - United States Accept Account Account Balance Account Statement Active Account Active Money Active Participant Activity Adjustable Rate Adjusted Futures Price Advisor Agent Aggregate Demand Aggregate Supply Alert Analysis Arbitrage Ask Asked Price


Back Office Balance Balance Of Trade Bank Holiday Bank Note Bank Rate Basis Trading Bear Bear Market Beneficiary Bid Bid/Ask Spread Break-Even Point Breakout Broker Bull Market Bullion Buy


Calendar Spread Cash Cash Delivery CBOT Certificate of Deposit Charts Chartist Closed Position CME COMEX Commission Commodity Contract Contract Expiry Date Contract Month Counter Party Cover Credit Cross Rates Current Account


Daily High Daily Low Day Order Deal Ticket Dealer Dealing Desk Deflation Delivery Month Delivery Notice Deposit Derivative Dip Double Bottom Double Top Downtrend


E-Commerce ECB Equities EU Exchange Control Expiration Month Export Exposure


Factory Orders Fed Federal Reserve Board Fibonacci Fill Financial Leverage First Notice Day Fixed Exchange Rate Floating Exchange Rate Floating Profit/Loss Floor FOMC Forex Forward Contract Forward Deal Front Office Fundamental Analysis Futures Contract


G-7 G-8 Gap GDP Deflator GNP Gold Standard Gross Gross Domestic Product - GDP


Head and Shoulders Hedge High Housing Starts Hyperinflation


IMF IMM Implied Volatility In-the-Money Indicator Industrial Production Initial Margin Inter-Bank Rates Interest Rate Options Intervention Intra Day Position Introducing Broker Ivey Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) - Canada Ivey Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) - Canada


Joint Account Journal


Kiwi Knock In Knock Out


Last Last Trading Day Leading Indicator LIBID LIBOR LIFFE Limit Limit Down Limit Entry Linear Chart Liquid Market Liquidate Long Hedge Loss Lot


M1 M2 M3 Maintenance Margin Margin Margin Call Market Maker Market Order Microeconomics Minimum Price Fluctuation Money Market Money Supply Mutual Fund


Nasdaq Nearby Month Net Position Non-Farm Productivity and Unit Labor Costs Note NYSE


OECD Offer Offset Online Broker Open Interest Open Market Operation Option OTP Out-of the Money Overnight Overnight Limit


P&L Payment Date Payroll Philadelphia Fed Survey Pip Point Premium Producer Price Index Productivity


Quotation Quote Size


Rally Range Ratio Calendar Spread Ratio Spread Real GDP REPO Reserve Resistance Retail Price Index Reuter Dealing Reversal Risk Management


S&P 500 Scalp SDR Sell Order Selling Rate Settlement Date Settlement Price Short Covering Slippage SOFFEX Speculative Split Order Spot Month Spot Price Spread Sterilization Stop Entry Stop-Limit Order Stopped Out Straddle Strike Price Swap Swap Rate


T-Bill Technical Analysis Technical Indicator The Base Currency Thin Market Tick Time Value Trade Balance Trade Deficit Trailing Stop Loss Treasury Bond Treasury Note Two-Way Market


Uncovered Under-Valuation Unemployment Rate Unrealized Profit Up Tick


Value Date Volatility Volume


Wall Street Wholesale World Bank WTO


Yield Curve


No data available.


ZEW Survey - Euro Zone